My name's Romina.
And I'll lead you to discover the region of "Canavese"!
At my right is the historical area called "Eporediese",
if I just make a step backwards I find myself in the province called "Biellese",while at my left lies the province named "Vercellese".
So why don't you come to see my town
in the beautiful Canavese?

These places are full of history of past, present and… why not?, future too

Many famous troop leaders passed through the Canavese area, which was also the background of important historical events. From the invasion of Hannibal to the incursions of Facino Cane, from the unending rivalry between the Valperga and Savoy families, to the conflicts between the bishops of Ivrea and Vercelli, this area was once crossed by Napoleon while going to Vercelli, as well as by pilgrims from northern Europe going to Rome. Finally, the history of Ivrea reminds us of the life of the first king of Italy, Arduino.

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